New Contactless Services

Swimart makes pool and spa care even easier with our new range of contactless services. These are in addition to our existing home pool services.

From letterbox water tests to store drop-off zones and kerbside pickup, our new services make life a whole lot easier.

Regular or once off service

Whether you are looking for a regular or one off service Swimart is here to help!

Water test drop off zone

Simply drop off your labelled water sample at the front of the store. We will take care of the testing.

Contactless mobile water test

Call us to arrange a test and the required chemicals will be left for you to apply.

Pool chemical deliveries

Let us know which chemicals you require and we can arrange delivery!

On-site contactless pool test & balance

We can come and inspect your pool, test the pool water and treat it on-site.

Kerbside pickup service

Know what you need? Call us to place your order & we can arrange pickup out the front of the store.